All of our jewelry is handcrafted through an intricate process that involves a tradition of craftsmanship and a love for jewelry. First, a three dimensional design of a ring is created with every attention given to detail. When every step in the process is given complete and careful consideration, the end result is of the highest quality. Second, this image is applied in creating a distinctive mold, which is used to create a symbol of connection that goes back to ancient times, when it was believed that a vein in the ring finger of the left hand goes straight to the heart, literally the vein of love. Third, matched diamonds are carefully hand selected for their quality and clarity to create a piece of extraordinary jewelry, which can symbolize a love that is as durable and long lasting as the diamonds themselves, sparking clean and pure. Next, the diamonds are hand set to precision, and the ring is polished to give it its mirror like finish and luster. We believe that excellence comes from a commitment to detail and we place extraordinary care into every ring that we make so that you can have a perfect symbol of love that will last a lifetime.